Awakening – Episode 15, The One Who Never Knew Love

We’re back! Clyde, here. After the mid-season finale (where the dreaded Ganondorf came to the island and revealed that perhaps he isn’t the one who caused all of this), things start to really escalate on the island, as a new plot twist enters the picture!

Episode 15

A brilliant fire erupted from a pile of thin sticks, each flame reaching toward the sky, only to be slowly snuffed out before it could even come close. Link and Zelda were sitting at the fire.
“They look up to you, you know,” Zelda stated.
Link, who had been staring intently at the fire, turned to her. “Do they really?” he asked.
She nodded.
He stared back at the fire. “Brilliant,” he said, voice leaking so much sarcasm that it threatened to put out the fire.  Continue reading

Dream Cast Challenge!

Hello, my faithful viewers! I’m so sorry for the long absence. With baptisms, finishing a new novel, a birthday, and some other stuff, I was far, far too swamped to write any posts! But I’m back now, with something light and fun! I’ve been working hard on Fairy Manor recently, and I decided it would be cool to start up a new challenge: the Dream Cast Challenge! How it works is, you imagine your novel being made into a movie and choose the characters you’d totally love to play those roles. It was actually really fun, though challenging! I hope this could become a trend. If you’re reading this, try it on your blog! Choose actors for all your characters.  Continue reading

Awakening – Episode 14, The King of Darkness

Hello, there, faithful viewers!! That book I told you I’d start writing has been going very, very well! If you have any ideas for future writing tips, please post them! I need ideas! Without further ado, here’s a long-anticipated episode of Awakening. Enjoy the first point of view from…the villain:


The castle exuded a certain darkness, so much so that the very air was blacker here. Inside one of the rooms, solid-gold chairs met a solid-gold table. Ornate, curly decorations were writ across the furniture, and atop the table was a shimmering red tablecloth. A black-gauntleted fist was pressed against the cloth. The metal of the glove was reflective, so that a thousand little images lay within the delicate curvature. The walls of the room were gray, and a single hook protruded from one of them, near the single door. A long, dark cloak hung from the hook, lying completely still as though the room were unacquainted with the word breeze. Continue reading

Happy Easter From Clyde – 2017!

Happy Easter, my faithful viewers!! Clyde, here. I’ll make this brief, so we can all get on with our day! I made some eggs for you to enjoy, one for all my book sagas. Here are a few for you to see! Awakening (left and 2nd from left), Scarlet War (middle left), Sisters of Light (3rd from right). And, as a SPECIAL TREAT, the egg on the (right and 2nd right) is a promo for my latest novel. I’m not giving a title yet, but I know you’ll love it! The egg depicts a rope and chain tight tightly around a purple background. I hope you get a little excited 😀 Happy Easter!!  Continue reading

The Genius of Writing, Part 2 – “Stop Naming Your Chapters”

Hello! I’m Clyde Whitley, and this is the next part of my “Genius of Writing” series! Some of you may be thinking, “I thought you only ever used the word saga!” I made an exception this time, for the good of the general public. Here, you will read writing tips no one has ever told you before! Fresh, new ideas from an experienced (twenty books) writer! Let’s jump right in!  Continue reading

Awakening – Episode 13, The Weak And The Strong

Hello! The idea of Awakening has been clearly established at this point. Now, we’ll start to learn about the most mysterious characters! Which character are you looking forward to reading about? Here’s the next episode of Awakening!

Episode 13

Romani’s eyes sprang open. She stuck her tongue out in fierce concentration and scrawled something on the book she had in her lap. She had set up a rather nice little area in the Cliff, with a blanket, a neat pile of her possessions, a stack of books, some fruit, and a bucket of water. She was nestled in her blanket like a little bird, concentration plainer on her face than on a thousand painters in a museum. Continue reading

Awakening – Episode 12, The Camel’s Back

Hello, all! Sorry for the hiatus! Baby cousins and relatives flying around. But I’m back, and so is the camel! Kidding, that ‘s is possessive, not denoting a past tense action. I will be posting another writing tip soon, so bear with me! In the meantime, here’s the latest and greatest from the mysterious jungle island as we take a view through Zelda character Groose’s eyes!


The air was hot and sticky, like a discarded ice pop. Nestled in the middle of a yellow field was a huge one-story building. Hundreds of kids were walking through the halls. One of the kids was a boy of about sixteen years, with a bright-red pompadour exuding from his forehead. He was walking in between two slightly less ham-shaped cronies.
The redhead nudged his buddies and pointed down the hall. A fourteen-year-old boy with glasses was walking there. He froze when he felt three tough gazes pressing down on him. He peeked over his shoulder. Then he ran for his life, down the hall and out a side door, into the courtyard.  Continue reading